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Top 4 Ideas/Tips to Design Your Vision Board/Text/Email/Paper

Updated: Jan 27

#1. There Are No Rules or Limitations

Let's start with the most crucial step in creating your vision, decide there are no rules or limitations for the vision you create, or even how you create it. Some people may want to do a board with images, for others a detailed list in a text sent to themselves is enough. The important thing is to use whatever means you are most comfortable with to document your vision.

#2. Section the Vision into Short Term and Long Term

The time frame for short term goals should be accomplishing the goal of bringing the vision to fruition within the next year. Short term is essential because they bolster your confidence and put a spring in your steps. Long term goals and vision milestones may extend from 5 years out, ten years, and so on. Indeed, some visions may only be obtained after a prolonged period and deliberate actions. The essential take away is that without a goal or vision, you are wandering in the dark.

#3. Inspiration is the Fuel in Your Vision Gas Tank

Be open to the inspiration you may receive from the many places, things, and people you encounter on your vision obtainment path! A man seeking financial independence to allow himself more time and freedom to travel was inspired when he saw a monarch butterfly flock flying over his car. He previously read how they flew thousands of miles after turning from a caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature that effortlessly rides the wind to its destination. He saw himself as that caterpillar destined to fly. That inspiration was what he needed when he needed it. Don't miss the inspiration right in front of your eyes.

#4 Keep Moving!

Last but certainly not least...Keep Moving! There will be good days, and as sure as the sunrise tomorrow, there will be bad days. It goes with the territory, and aside from understanding that, don't focus on the negative moments of your journey as it will only distract your energy and efforts. Just keep moving! You are closer to your goal with every step that you take toward it, no matter how small it is. Every day that you don't quit, keep your mistakes in the library of the past to learn from while remaining steadfast on your goals...is a day you won!

Author, Professor, CEO, Researcher, Problem Solver

Dr. Timothy Crable, Ph.D., M.B.A., is co-owner of Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC. Fruition CCS, LLC is a veteran owned teletherapy private practice focused on the mental and behavioral health of individuals, families, adolescents, and organizations spanning 5 states. Additionally, he is a a retired U.S. Navy Chief with 25 years of experience taking personnel and programs to success. He spends much of his time operating as a motivational speaker, policy researcher, college professor, business consultant, ethics and equal opportunity corporate trainer.