Coaching Approach

    As a holistic life and transition coach, Judy offers her clients (particularly women, women of color, immigrant women, professional women, women leaders, and women entrepreneurs) Coaching as a Healing Practice℠ to support them as they move through the transition spaces of their personal and professional lives in ways that reconnect them to their authentic power, innate wisdom and natural sovereignty so that they can be free to empower themselves to unapologetically create and live their ideal lives…by design!

    Judy brings the full complement of her life experience (personal and professional) to her role as a coach – embodied in a coaching style that is welcoming, compassionate, insightful and non-judgmental; while at the same time learning-focused, action-oriented, and results-driven. Through her specialty as a holistic life & transition coach, and her Coaching as a Healing Practice philosophy and methodology, Judy creates an expansive space for her clients to recognize, honor, and live from their naturally creative, resourceful, and whole selves; and it is from this space that they are able to achieve the kind of understanding, self-awareness, decision-making, action and ‘conscious choosing’ that leads to the fundamental changes they want in service of the kind of work and lives they truly desire. Judy’s deep and varied knowledge and experience as a leader in philanthropy and the social sector makes her particularly effective with clients whose lives, interests, and/or professional work are connected to these fields.

Disclaimer:  Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC is not a crisis center.  Please report to the nearest emergency room or dial 911 immediately if you are in crisis emotionally or physically.  If you have suicidal thoughts and live in the US, please dial 1-800-784-2433 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.