Disclaimer:  Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC is not a crisis center.  Please report to the nearest emergency room or dial 911 immediately if you are in crisis emotionally or physically.  If you have suicidal thoughts and live in the US, please dial 1-800-784-2433 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


Continuing Education Courses



Avoid Ethical Quandaries with Virtual Counseling Innovations

Contemporary ethical dilemmas are explored, analyzed, and deciphered in this all-encompassing training course presented within a teletherapy context.


Executive Functioning Skills – A “How To Treat” Guide for Professionals

Learn the winning support strategies that practitioners should provide the parents of school-aged children who are challenged by ADHD symptoms and anxiety.


Mental Health Issues Common to Military Members and Families

Explore the challenges applicable to this unique population and receive the evidence-based solutions that assure practitioner success.


Opioid Crisis Today – Substance Abuse and Addiction Solutions of Tomorrow

This course explores contemporary factors surrounding opioid and substance addiction then provides innovative evidence-based techniques toward treatment success.


Practitioner Burnout and Wellness Course

Develop yourself to prevent professional burnout and self-harm by acquiring the evidence based, mindfulness, solutions provided in this comprehensive training. 


Practitioner Intervention Innovations for Partner and Spousal Violence

Mental health providers receive screening, risk assessment, and contemporary treatment techniques in this evidence-based training course.


Sex Offender Treatment – Advanced Awareness Training

Understand the mental, behavioral, and legal factors associated with juvenile and adult sex offenders.  This training will contain case study and discussion facilitation.


Sexual Trauma and Mental Health Restoration

See your clients thrive after gaining comprehensive evidence-based techniques to restore and bolster their behavioral and mental health capabilities.




Who Should Attend:


Counselors, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists will obtain six (6) clock hours in compliance with state board regulations and compliance. The respective course that you attend will provide a certificate and outline to be kept on file for your records.




$150 per attendee


(Note: Requesting organization will cover travel expense)