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Welcome to Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are a veteran owned teletherapy private practice focused on the mental and behavioral health of individuals, families, adolescents, and organizations.

Our expert, caring, licensed therapists utilize evidence-based and other appropriate treatment protocols and program designs. Our consultants provide customized recommendations and training designed to maximize the performance of your organization's personnel.  


We are proud of the many partnerships we have formed in the community, our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Chamber of Commerce memberships.  

In-Office (by appointment) and Teletherapy services for the follwing:

                                            - Addiction Challenges

                                            - Adolescent and Child Problems
                                            - Anger Management

                                            - Anxiety Issues
                                            - Bipolar Disorder

                                            - Couples Counseling
                                            - Depression
                                            - Drug and Alcohol Abuse
                                            - Grief and loss

                                            - Impulse Control Issues
                                            - LGBTQIA
                                            - Marital Issues
                                            - OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
                                            - Oppositional Defiant Disorder

                                            - Parent-Child Relational Issues
                                            - PTSD
                                            - Trauma
                                            - Veteran and Military Family Challenges








You have arrived at this station life based on a unique set of circumstances, successes, and challenges.  It is for no one to judge or question the limits of any one person's ability to manage their own behaviors and emotions.  Individual therapy acknowledges and supports client's decision to overcome and conquer the barriers to a fruitful future.   

In collaboration with your Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services therapist, you will receive customized treatment to reveal the regular and often systematic thought processes, emotional cues and behavioral speed bumps that stifle your growth and happiness.  Following which, together, a treatment and course of action will be honed and implemented allowing for necessary change and personal developmental ascension to take place.   


Clients are encouraged to be dedicated to the therapeutic process, as well as active in the counseling sessions.   Active involvement involves being open, honest, and present, as well as being diligent to complete homework assignments.  These will positively affect the counseling process.


There are times in many relationships when a misalignment of expectations and/or skewed perceptions may occur, leading to poor communication, trust issues, lack of intimacy, exhaustion, etc. As the people within a couple individually grow, likewise does a couple's relationship evolve. Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services provides a speak-free space where couples can safely express themselves.

In collaboration with your therapist, couples will work toward resolving points of contention and friction within the relationship which will potentially lead to partners taking individual responsibility and toward a happy and productive relationship.   With renewed balance, couples will support, comfort and respect on another enabling them to manifest their full potential. 


Many life events can negatively affect the cohesion of the family unit.  Family therapy can provide the stability and focus necessary to overcome times of challenge and pain. 

Common family obstacles include:

- A loss in the family
- Substance abuse
- Separation or divorce
- Blending of families
- Chronic illness
- Mental illness
- Shared trauma
- Physical or verbal abuse
- Behavioral or academic concerns in a child




We accept self-pay clients. All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted.

Clients will receive a superbill that allows for them to seek reimbursement from their insurance provider.



Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC offers reduced fee or probono services on a limited basis for those who qualify.

Fruition Counseling Services has the discretion to reinstate regular fees following client notification.


 Self-pay clients should use the information listed below to anticipate out-of-pocket expenses for therapy.


                                                               Individual:  $150 (Full Session 50 min)

                                                                  Couple:  $150 (Full Session 50 min)

                                                                   Group:  $150 (Full Session 50 min)


Free Consultation:  10-minutes                                                


Only cash pay clients accepted at this time.



A wide range of adverse behaviors and disorders can be addressed with Group Therapy.


   Common Groups include:


   - Addiction

   - Anger Mangement

   - Anxiety 

   - Depression

   - Substance Abuse

   - Support Groups

Peer groups are formed with clear agreed upon boundaries under the care and supervision of an able licensed therapist.  A safe environment is established which allows for the individual and respectful expression of each participant.  As issues and challenges are shared and acknowledged by peers, received insight and plans of action will assist you in taking the necessary steps to overcome your challenges.


Do you have limited mobility?
Do you have time constraints?
Do you prefer the convenience of your home during a virtual counseling or consultation?

Teletherapy, also known as remote, virtual, or phone counseling, is a way to engage with your therapist when you cannot be physically present. It enables you to miss fewer appointments and ensures you keep moving forward in your treatment.

Using a computer or mobile device you can receive the support you need from a skilled therapist or consultant.


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Hours of Operation:


9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)


9375 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260


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